Altar & Rosary Society

 The Altar Rosary Society, once the heartbeat of a parish, was suddenly seen as an outmoded institution in a church trying to make its mark in the modern world. And yet, for those who were conversant with the authentic message of Vatican II, nothing could be further from the truth. The definitive purpose of the Council, in the words of Pope Paul VI, was “to equip the church of the 20th century to proclaim the gospel to the people of the 20th century.” The word “evangelization” was certainly new, but the many ways of living and sharing one’s beliefs were quite the same, only calling for a deeper conversion and adding a larger purpose to the practice of the faith. As its name implies, the Altar Rosary Society looks to the supports of both public worship and private devotion, with each enriching the other. With this in mind, one of the primary goals of the Society is promoting prayer and worship in the home. If for no other purpose this alone is enough to justify taking out your membership today! Some of the current activities of the Altar Rosary Society include:

 All members are invited to attend Mass and receive the Eucharist as a group on the days of our monthly Masses for living and deceased members as scheduled (watch the bulletin for dates).;

Committees involved in church environment: Changing the liturgical colors as needed; cleaning pastor’s vestments, altar linens, server albs; procuring items necessary for the liturgy such as holy water, hosts, altar wine, candles, palms, flowers, decorations; cleaning the church during Advent and Lent; upkeep of the outside statues (cleaning and restoration as needed).;

Committee that visits the House of Loreto nursing home once a month to assist with Bingo;

Helping other parish organizations with monetary contributions.