Sr. Marcella Houdek, H.M. Scholarship


Sister Marcella Houdek, H.M. 1931-2010

The Sister Marcella Houdek, H.M. Scholarship was established to honor a great woman of faith who has been a true contributor in the area of Catholic education.  Because of this, it was considered fitting by the Parish Council of St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish to honor her by creating a scholarship fund, so that others of Catholic faith might benefit by her.
 The St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish Family wishes to congratulate all recipients of the 2011 Sister Marcella Houdek, H.M. Scholarship, from both parishes of St. Anthony/All Saints and St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish.  The St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish is honored to be a part of these students’ educational endeavors.  We consider them a blessing and ask you to join in their celebration.
2011 Sister Marcella Houdek, H.M. Scholarship Winners
Hannah Grow                     St. Anthony/All Saints Parish
Jennifer Konowal            St. Anthony/All Saints Parish
Jody M. Varn                      St. Anthony/All Saints Parish
Katie Schneider                 St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish
Jeffrey Dale                         St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish
Stephanie Kohring          St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish                                                                                      
If you would like to be a part in assisting those of Catholic faith as they continue their educational pursuits, please consider making a donation to help continue this scholarship next year.  All donations are tax deductible and would be greatly appreciated.
 Donations can be made to the Sister Marcella Houdek Scholarship Fund or St. Mary/St. Benedict Parish (note Scholarship Fund) and sent to 1602 Market Ave., S. – Canton, OH 44707.  This is a great way to support those students of the Catholic community!